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The rapidly evolving big data sector has a lot of promise and is capable of delivering game-changing solutions for various industry verticals. Identifying important nuggets of information hidden in the vast resources of enterprise data systems, and those external to the enterprise is the first key step. While there are many technologies empowering organizations to leverage smarter analytics and data intelligence, deploying and managing an enterprise grade solution is still a significant impending challenge for many organizations. Recognizing these challenges, Apervi with its Conflux offering has developed extensive connectors for enterprises to converge diverse data pipelines, and workflow-based accelerators for enterprises to jump-start their development of informationbased solutions.

Conflux is the tool of choice when it comes to creating and managing solutions involving big data technologies like Hadoop, Storm or Spark, across key industry verticals like healthcare, telecom, and retail.



Improve patient outcomes and reduce waste with Apervi Conflux

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Increase ARPU and other KPIs with big data technology and Conflux today

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Engage customers preemptively with Conflux; get proactive vs. reactive

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About Conflux


Learn more about How CONFLUX can enable you to leverage big data technologies to build the big data applications of the future.

Conflux for Hadoop Data Sheet


Read how conflux can help for Hadoop and more.

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