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Leaders across all cross sections of the healthcare industry are faced with the increased pressures of cutting costs while simultaneously improving outcomes and increasing quality of care. One of the key factors that could play a significant role in achieving those goals is via efficient use of technology in unison with the available data assets within the respective organizations. Of course the statement seems easier said than done given the host of challenges inherent in the definition of diverse data sets. That said, the rapidly evolving big data sector has a lot of promise and is capable of delivering on this promise of identifying important nuggets of information hidden in the vast resources of enterprise information capture process; The holy grail of big data. The market is filled with offerings in the big data space each touting to deliver the promise of smarter analytics, and data intelligence, however deploying and managing an enterprise grade solution is still a impending challenge for many organizations. Recognizing the many challenges, Apervi with its Conflux offering has made the very first step of many, an easy and seamless journey for enterprises to converge diverse data pipelines in and out of the big data technology stacks like Hadoop, Storm or Spark. Conflux specializes in solving the data engineering challenge and offers a little more in that regard.


Conflux is the tool of choice when it comes to creating and managing solutions involving Big data technologies like Hadoop, Storm or Spark. Each addressing a unique processing paradigm of batch processing and real-time streaming respectively.

Technologies like Hadoop will prove to be critical for hospitals and health systems in collecting large amounts of data on patients and drugs every single day. Collecting and analyzing diverse sources of data namely clinical, billing, scheduling, research, and testing while simultaneously keeping with changing regulations will be regular tasks of every solution that will be deployed over Hadoop. Like any new emerging technology , Hadoop has its own share of quirks and features to be desired. By bringing Apervi conflux together with Hadoop, customers can quickly realize the acceleration needed for easy design and delivery to swiftly realizing the big data promise and value.


Some quick ROI delivering projects for healthcare with Conflux

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Quickly design and build a repository with Conflux Director to capture and store patient monitoring equipment data and process it over a Storm cluster to establish a real-time scan for critical events. Crate live trend analysis via a Hadoop store for each patient without worrying about response windows or capacity overruns.


Design and schedule a regular workflow collecting research data from all identified research projects in the organization stored in Hbase simultaneously, plug into your BI infrastructure for creating zoom out visualizations capable of showing the big picture or detail as required.


Design and deploy a workflow in Conflux to build a genome reference database in hadoop that can give you a platform to compute massive computations and comparisons to find the relevant genetic profiles to match against trial data enabling in personalised drug delivery and design.


Rapidly manage integration workflows for loading and tracking massive rfid and sensor data to proactively manage valuable assets and cutdown on misuse and waste.

Apervi Conflux helps moving the enterprise data ecosystem further towards achieving the goals of a smarter analytical platform without the complexity of writing complex map reduce code required for Hadoop or confusing topologies in Storm. Hadoop can solve many challenges facing big data , Apervi Conflux makes it easy and simple to get there.

Apervi Inc on Conflux "Two streams flowing together, symbolizing the confluence of traditional and big data ecosystems into each other"

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