Conflux Director editions

  • Starter

    Conflux Starter Kit

    As the name suggests this edition of conflux gets you started to play with Conflux and explore the potential of the product on how you can use it to design your next big data application.

  • Standard

    Conflux Standard Kit

    A graduated and more functional edition capable of meeting basic needs of the enterprise. Offers expanded features and support with ability to build big data applications as needed.

  • Enterprise

    Conflux Enterprise Kit

    An all encompassing powerful distribution of Conflux delivering limitless capabilities and offering the most flexibility to meet the ever increasing needs of the enterprise.

Our Conflux Director comes is 3 different flavors catering to the varying needs of our customers.

 What's Included?




 Quick start package
 Conflux Designer 
 Conflux Monitor 
 Conflux Administrator
 Conflux Scheduler  basic
 Connector pack limited
 Developer API access -
 Conflux Scheduler enterprise - -
 Conflux Explorer  - -
 Connector pack enterprise - -
 Data store connectivity kit - -
 Supports deployment on Hadoop 
 Supports deployment on Storm
 Support deployment on Spark
 Technical support by email
 Accelerator packs  - -
- limited deployment      
Apervi Inc on Conflux "Two streams flowing together, symbolizing the confluence of traditional and big data ecosystems into each other"

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