Introducing Conflux Director

Conflux Director is the suite of ready to use key components built to harness the power of the Conflux Platform. It offers an intuitive toolset to build big data applications securely and code free. 

Conflux Designer

  • An elegant, modern, and extremely intuitive HTML5 user interface
  • Build and configure workflows with simple drag-n-drop operations
  • Eliminate complexity in job design by combining workflows with out-of-the-box commands 
  • Powerful and feature-rich job scheduler
  • Collaborate and share your workflows between different business units and individuals

Conflux Monitor

  • Monitor the health of your jobs from virtually any browser and remotely via handheld devices
  • View the job progress and key statistics in realtime
  • Drilldown job results and log files to identify and troubleshoot issues within seconds

Conflux Dashboard

  • Gain visibility into job stats and KPIs in a fully customizable screen
  • View alerts and notifications on running jobs and workflows
  • Build custom dashboards with pre-built widgets relevant to the user roles
  • Extensible framework capable of integrating custom dashboard widgets

Conflux Explorer

  • Search, discover, and navigate through data buried in a variety of data sources
  • Isolate the hidden actionable information from noisy data
  • Extract relevant and valuable pieces of information using a fully data driven mapping editor

Conflux Scheduler

  • A flexible scheduler to plan and execute your big data workflows in a timely fashion
  • Extensible and easily integrates with third party schedulers
  • Intuitive user interface , Comprehensive and Audit capable

Conflux Connector Pack

  • Ready to use connectors to unlock and extract data from a variety of data sources
  • Support for all major industry standard data exchange formats
  • Prebuilt custom connectors for specific industry segments like EDI, Telecom and Healthcare
  • Connect and extract insights from a Mainframe as easily as you would from Twitter
Apervi Inc on Conflux "Two streams flowing together, symbolizing the confluence of traditional and big data ecosystems into each other"

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