Introducing Conflux™


Conflux is the dream platform for users of big data technologies like Hadoop, Storm, and Spark.

Apervi's approach towards employing big data technologies is smart, swift and unique allowing organizations to accelerate their big data initiatives and process complex data sets in relatively short periods of time. Conflux is designed with one goal in mind - to make it simple for its users to adopt Hadoop, Storm, and Spark for data at rest (batch processing), real-time (in-motion), and for in memory processing respectively.

From comprehensive connectivity to diverse sources, optimized transformations for processing, to point-and-click interfaces for rapid development and deployment, Conflux provides everything you need to successfully deploy productive workflows on Hadoop. No coding, no scripting; just smarter planning and execution. Users of Conflux design relevant workflows only once and can switch the execution paradigm be it Hadoop , Storm or Spark without having to make changes to their workflows again. The Conflux platform promotes rapid enterprise integration by providing REST API's for northbound touch points and an extensible SDK for southbound interfaces.


Conflux arch


Highlights of the Conflux Platform 

  • Fully integrated and secure orchestration platform for addressing big data integration challenges
  • Unified execution engine with inbuilt support for Hadoop, Spark, and Storm.
  • Very small foot-print, cloud ready, and is designed to run on virtually any Hadoop distribution
  • Powered by a highly scalable and optimized data processing engine - Conflux Genie
  • Design and execute your data processing pipelines on big data cluster computing systems with zero coding
  • Designed to coexist and interact with your existing enterprise infrastructure via standardized REST interfaces
  • Provides an extensible open SDK for southbound integration.
Apervi Inc on Conflux "Two streams flowing together, symbolizing the confluence of traditional and big data ecosystems into each other"